About us

At EMC, we understand that any number of difficulties – some great, some small, some even growing from trivial incidents – can cause worry, concern, discomfort or unhappiness to people at work. Especially in turbulent economic times, when many workers are in fear for the future of their jobs and employers have serious decisions to make, this truth is perhaps more relevant than ever.

We at EMC devote our time and resources to ensuring that our clients – whether employers or employees – get as fair a deal as possible in the workplace:
  • if you, as an employee or contractor of services feel you have been treated unjustly at work, we hope to help you understand your rights and explain in clear terms what you can do about enforcing them;
  • if you, as an employer, are unsure about the requirements under the grievance and disciplinary procedures or feel that you have to let employees go, we aim to assist you in getting things right.
The EMC staff are highly approachable, friendly and ready to listen. This website contains full details of how you can contact us, whether by calling into our office, by emailing us, or by telephoning our helpline (0141 202 0728).