What does EMC stand for? We're often asked.

We like to think EMC stands for social justice.

What is social justice?

By definition it means justice in society. For all members of society. That means everyone regardless of age, faith, colour, wealth, creed or status, and whether gay, straight, bi, transgender, or any combination of the beliefs, views, prejudices, traits and quirks that make up a person.

That person is you, and social justice means justice for you.

Justice is served by what is just. And what is just for you?

It depends. You haven't told us anything yet. Justice for each individual depends on the individual.

Once you tell us what's on your mind we’ll tell you straight whether we think you’ve been treated unjustly and what we think we can do about it. If you feel unjustly treated, don't hesitate to contact us. It's why we’re here.

What does EMC stand for?

EMC stands for social justice.

EMC stands for you.