Employer Obligations

You may be setting out in business for the first time, a bright, bold entrepreneur looking to make your way in the world. You may be a seasoned employer looking back on many successes, or the rollercoaster of business life. Or you may recall the time you first had the spark of an idea for selling something people might want or providing a service that could be useful, then found you were right – and now you’re wondering how it all became so complicated.

Life in business is tough at times. At EMC we know that. It’s tough enough without the multitude of complications it brings. Creditors and debtors. Customers and suppliers. Pressures and demands. When will you manage a holiday?

And the legal requirements.

More than anything, at EMC we know the legal obligations on employers. You may not even be aware of them. There are so many and they can’t be taken lightly, though we know in business they’re often the last thing you want to be thinking about.

Don’t ignore them.

Whether it’s contracts for your employees, setting out company policies, outlining grievance and disciplinary policies or issuing a staff handbook, we strongly advise you to address your legal obligations. Don’t fall foul of the law by pushing these duties to the back of the line - no matter how much of a pain it may be.

We can help. We can ease the burden on you by providing an efficient, effective and reliable professional service that takes care of your legal needs as an employer. Because at EMC we know business life is tough enough without taking the strain by yourself.

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