Employment Tribunal Fees were illegal

Clients and seasoned observers of this firm will confirm we have railed against the injustice of Employment Tribunal fees since the Government foisted them on the public.

Now we have been vindicated by a Supreme Court decision that imposition of these fees was illegal all along. This – to give credit where it is due – has been accepted unequivocally by the Government. All fees paid by members of the public who lodged claims during the era of Tribunal fees will be due refunds. A mechanism for this process is in development.

On a basic level, this means you no longer require to pay £250 to lodge most claims.

More notably, you no longer require to pay £950 just to have the evidence heard in your case.

If you were concerned at the prospect of paying these inordinate sums of money simply to exercise your employment rights, we shared your concern – but those days are over.

If you were never aware of these vast, punishing fees but are taken aback by their size, we share your retrospective displeasure – but from now on, things are different.

If you have a problem that requires an Employment Tribunal decision, you do not have to worry about paying the Tribunal a fee.

Now that Employment Tribunal fees have ceased being a barrier to justice, if you have an Employment Tribunal problem that requires professional assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us.