EMC and Equality in the Workplace

What has EMC to do with equality in the workplace?

EMC: Equality Means Consistency

EMC: Equality Means Consideration

EMC: Equality Means Caring

And Equality Matters Constantly.

Employers Make Contracts with their employees, and each owes duties to the other as a result.

Employers Must Conform to the rules of employment law and the terms of a contract but

Employees Must Comply too.

Employees Must Co-operate because workplace harmony is a two-way street.

Employment law strives to achieve fairness at work but while employees have rights, employers do too. That, to us, is social justice. And if you feel your employee is falling short in a way that might be contrary to employment law, why not ask for our opinion?

Contact us without delay. When it comes to your rights at work, think EMC: