Happiness in your workplace

At EMC, we believe you should be happy in your workplace.

Are you? If not, why not?

Perhaps you already know. Maybe you have a boss with whom you can’t click? Maybe you feel you are being isolated by your colleagues? Maybe a workmate is picking on you?


Because he is a bully? Because she is a bully? Because of your nationality? The colour of your skin? Your religion? Your sexual orientation?

The reason doesn’t matter: you have the right to be treated with respect and dignity in your workplace. If you are not being accorded that simple courtesy, there are steps you can take – and EMC can help you.

From assisting you with grievance letters all the way to pursuing claims of serious discrimination, EMC offers a full range of Employment Law advice and services.

We are welcoming, helpful and understanding. Above all, we are ready to listen and advise.

Dignity. Respect. Happiness.

You deserve all of these in your workplace – so call or email us today.