Paul McGowan


Paul McGowan is Partner at EMC Solicitors. Paul has 30 years professional experience of the law, entering private practice in 1987 and becoming a fully qualified solicitor two years later. The caseload of EMC Solicitors focuses primarily on Employment Law but Paul’s vast experience has extended through many areas including Reparation, Contract Law, Civil Litigation and Criminal Law. His work at EMC encompasses the traditional Employment Law disciplines of Tribunal work, reviewing and drafting contracts, and negotiating settlement agreements. However, Paul has also accumulated considerable experience - and enjoyed great success - in the representation of professional people at disciplinary bodies and, recently, in appeals against the restrictive listing of persons by Scottish Ministers. Paul has trained several Solicitors to full qualification during the lifetime of EMC and is proud of all we have achieved and continue to achieve.


Agnes Maxwell-Ferguson


Agnes Maxwell-Ferguson rose through the ranks at EMC. Beginning as a postgraduate student research volunteer, Agnes progressed from traineeship to full qualification as a Scottish Solicitor. Agnes has garnered tremendous experience in the many varied fields of Employment Law. She is a people person first and foremost. As a wife and mother who worked in retail and a variety of roles before finding her place in the legal profession, Agnes knows people, and she knows their problems. She is a fighter who knows how to meet a challenge and outside of EMC has spread her wings to enable a broadening of her legal experience into a multitude of new disciplines. At EMC, we are always open to new ideas, and learning whatever there is to know.