EMC, the SSSC, the NMC, the HCPC, the BACP...

SSSC. NMC. HCPC. BACP. And so on. It's already such a torrent of initials that adding EMC probably doesn't seem to help. That’s where you may be wrong.

This firm engages in Employment Law, but is not restricted to Employment Tribunals. We have wide experience in professional disciplinary matters. If you have concerns at the Scottish Social Services Council, we can help. If you have concerns at the Nursing and Midwifery Council, we can help. Similarly the Health and Care Professionals Council, the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, or the host of other professional disciplinary bodies. We can help.

We want to help.

Those who make a living in the vast field of Social Work and Social Care nowadays face the challenges of SSSC registration. Without registration professional people are restricted in the scope of their work and, although there are good reasons for SSSC registration, the process can be rigorous. It can throw up unexpected difficulties, even from the past. Issues you thought were no longer relevant or which seemed unimportant may still be of interest to the SSSC.

SSSC registration can mean investigation. It can mean hearings before the SSSC Committee in Dundee. We know this. EMC has developed a wide understanding of the problems facing people called before the SSSC.

It can be an ordeal. We help guide you through.

We have accrued wide experience and success in representing our clients at SSSC hearings. In many instances our clients avoid attending those hearings at all. If you are lost in correspondence with the SSSC and unsure which way to turn, allow us to lend a hand.

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Nurses do a wonderful job. Anyone who's ever been to hospital can tell you that.

But it's a tough job. A complicated job. And even the best in the world can make a mistake.

Nurses summoned to the NMC often fear for their careers. But the NMC hearing panel has within its power an array of possible outcomes. An appearance before the NMC does not have to mean the end of a career.

In our experience, legal representation truly helps. EMC has developed broad experience and understanding of NMC proceedings. We have helped salvage nursing careers in difficult, deserving cases. We have seen nurses walk away with impunity where they had done nothing wrong in the first place. We want to help and we have a proven history of doing so.

Nurses help us and help our loved ones when we are in trouble. But if you are a nurse and you are in trouble, let us help you. EMC knows how.

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So many of the people who help us in hospitals and the health care services in times of trouble are professionals registered with the HCPC. Experience tells us health care professionals cope wonderfully with the stresses and strains of demanding jobs. When the complexities of healthcare lead professional people to troubles of their own, however, EMC is here to help.

At EMC, we have experience with the HCPC as a professional disciplinary body. The registration of health care professionals depends on the HCPC – and a health care professional cannot afford to lose that registration. However, the HCPC has a wide range of disposals open to it and an appearance before the HCPC panel does not have to mean the end of a career.

If you have a difficulty leading you to the HCPC panel, EMC may understand what you are going through. You have helped all of us in times of trouble, so let us help you.

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Counsellors and psychotherapists help ease troubled minds. It would be pointless attempting to begin covering the range of services provided by professional counsellors and psychotherapists: they assist enormously in assuaging the pains of countless people. When BACP professionals encounter troubles of their own, however, who helps them?

EMC has experience in discreetly assisting with problems requiring to be addressed at the BACP. Are you in professional difficulty? Your disciplinary panel has a wide range of possible powers but a summons to the panel does not have to mean the end of a career. EMC knows and understands the complexities which can arise.

So let us help ease your troubled mind. You need advice. You may need representation.

We can help.

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