Settlement Agreements and EMC

It’s a sad fact of life that relations between employer and employee sometimes break down. One way or another, through someone’s fault or nobody’s fault, the end becomes inevitable. This can be an emotional, angry, bitter time for the people it affects, leading to recriminations, finger-pointing, blame apportionment, even litigation.

Settlement Agreements may avoid all of that.

Increasingly those involved in attempting to resolve disputes between employer and employee, up to and including the Employment Tribunal, are encouraging the use of Settlement Agreements to ease the pain, and bring all matters to a peaceful conclusion. Settlement Agreements are amicable accords designed to draw a line and let everyone move on.

But the details can intimidate people!

At EMC, we have vast experience of advising on Settlement Agreements – or Compromise Agreements, as those longer in tooth at EMC are still prone to calling them – and the need for this skill is once again on the rise. At EMC, we assist you quickly and efficiently with any Settlement Agreement should the requirement arise, and our client satisfaction rate is exceptionally high.

You may have been approached regarding possible Settlement Agreements.

You may be involved in a situation which could benefit from Settlement Agreements.

You may simply wish to know more about Settlement Agreements.

Whatever your requirements, at EMC we are on hand, ready to assist. So please don’t hesitate to approach us. If you need advice on a Settlement Agreement, contact EMC Solicitors today.