Surviving redundancy

EMC takes its own approach to the redundancy situation. We believe the key to surviving the threat of redundancy is to meet it openly and early. You may ask: why should this happen to me? At EMC, we find the reasons why this should not happen to you.

Why wait to be made redundant? Better to act now and keep your job – and EMC has a proven track record of helping clients avoid redundancy.

Surviving redundancy means promoting positives. We explore aspects of your job that have made you proud and happy – and help you see why you should remain in your job.

Can you afford to consult a lawyer? You may qualify for assistance from the Scottish Legal Aid fund; but if our assistance helps you keep your job, can you afford not to?

  • If you are facing redundancy, it is vital to act now.
  • If you have been served with a notice of possible redundancy, act now.
  • If you are due to attend a redundancy consultation, act now.

EMC can help, but please act now. The sooner we are involved, the greater your prospects of keeping your job.

So contact us today.